Oct 26, 2012

HUGE job opportunities for Environmental Professionals at Design + Environment #green #jobs

It was my pleasure to talk with David Oswald, President of (DE) Design + Envi­ron­ment Inc , to discuss the type of work and explore the opportunities they have for Environmental Professionals .

DE is a industry leading environmental consultancy and design firm that works around the world. DE is regularly featured in the media and is called upon by governments, non-government organizations, and leading corporations world wide to give input on issues that require their specialized skills in design and environmental science.

They are looking for talented Environmental Professionals to expand their environmental management initiatives. Please check them out and pass along the information to a Environmental Leader you know who wants a wonderful opportunity at a great company.   

Here is more information about DE and what they are currently looking for:
Jr. Environmental Professionals
- You have an undergraduate degree in a field related to sustainability
- You are passionate about bringing environmental solutions to all parts of our complex world
- You want to create solutions and can look at a situation and delineate the pros and the cons of any type of approach
- You have some experience in the business world and understand how to work and think as a professional.
- You must have excellent communication skills (written and spoken), preferably in more than one language - the more the better.

Sr. Environmental Professionals
- You have an undergraduate and advanced degree in a field related to sustainability
- You have at least six years of experience working in the environment sector (or related)
- You have superb communications skills and can quickly grasp complicated situations with multiple stakeholder groups
- You must be willing to work fluidly in a team environment with much of the collaboration happening virtually.

Design Environment is a Canadian-based company, located in Montreal, specifically. However, most of our team members work remotely and the work is project-based - basically, we put together the right team for each project, regardless of individual location.

If you're interested, please send DE your CV, a personal statement which explains why you want to work with DE at:

I also invite you to visit their website at http://design-environment.com to learn more about DE, the work they do, and the issues their passionate about.
You can follow them @DesignEnvInc

Thanks for helping DE and contining to provide opportunities to the professionals protecting our people and our plant.
Have a good weekend.
Christopher Haase