Oct 27, 2012

Samsung Supplies Solar Powered Internet Schools For South Africa : TreeHugger

Samsung/Promo image

Samsung is supplying solar powered internet schools, and the kids are excited, calling it "purely greatness, happily madness." Samsung describes it as" exclusively solar-powered, mobile and completely independent classroom that is geared towards increasing accessibility to education and connectivity across Africa". Designboom shows this one is in Phomolong, near Johannesburg. It was the "African solar project of the year" and supports 21 students. According to ITWeb,

Samsung had to ensure the container could be used even when things didn't go to plan. The solar panels on the roof and sides are made of a rubber-like material, rather than conventional panels, so it can be transported without them breaking. He adds that the unusual technology would also make it easy to track the panels if they were stolen.
The batteries inside the unit have been modified so they use a lead-acid gel instead of separate acid and water, so there's no risk of leakage during transit.
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