Oct 26, 2012

Stop destruction of our U-233 for more NASA space exploration, new cancer treatments and thorium based energy abundance! | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

This U233 has been stored for decades & will serve advanced-reactor development of Generation-IV reactor class termed MSR & MSBR (Molten-Salt Reactors).

“We are currently not supporting any projects that require U233 for testing. As such, the disposal of U233 will go forward.” - DoE

Other nations (& American start-ups) are developing this reactor class. MSR consumes abundant Thorium, inexpensively achieving higher levels of safety & efficiency. Liquid fuel allows cancer-fighting, space-probe-fueling isotopes to be harvested, not trapped in spent fuel rods.

$500 million is being spent to denature our U233. A terrible waste of money. A destruction of America’s unique resource.


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