Oct 30, 2012

Sustainable Manufacturing Curriculum: Greening the Future by Educating Tomorrow's Workforce VIA @tsmom1219

Laura Barnes: U.S. EPA Region 4 has developed a curriculum intended for educators at high schools, career and vocational institutes, community colleges and trade schools. It is comprised of three modules: Environmental Sustainability, Lean Manufacturing and Pollution Prevention, and Energy and Carbon. Each module includes a slide presentation and a facilitator's guide complete with handouts, activities, quizzes, and facilitator's notes. The facilitator's guide also uses visually engaging icons to assist educators in appropriately conveying the material to the students.

The curriculum modules are available at http://www.e3.gov/sustainability/curriculum.html.

Thanks to Marcus Rivas, U.S. EPA P2 Coordinator in Region 7, for the heads-up about this resource.