Mar 27, 2013

Honeywell offers free on-line training seminars on first aid & treatments for HF acid exposures - @HoneywellNow

As part of our product stewardship activities relating to the production and shipment of HF acid, Honeywell International, offers free on-line training seminars on first aid and medical treatments for HF acid exposures.

The next training session is:
Thursday, April 18, 2013
10:00 am to 11:30 am Eastern Daylight Time

To register for the seminar, go to the website From the menu running across the top of the page, choose "Technical Services and Training", and then "On-Line HF Training Seminars".

 Then select "HF First Aid and Medical Treatment Seminar". Select "register online". You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration with a computer link to view the presentation, and a call in number to hear the audio portion. (You can accomplish the same registration by selecting "On-Line HF Training Seminars" from the Homepage.)
This is an interactive seminar you will have the opportunity to ask questions online during the seminar as well as via phone line at the end of the seminar.

If your facility may provide treatment for individuals exposed to HF acid, I also encourage you to download Honeywell's monograph on First Aid and Medical Treatment. It is available from the same website. From the homepage of on the right hand side of the page under "Download Technical Docs" select "HF Medical Book". The monograph is in the PDF format.

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