Sep 14, 2013

Africa's population set to double to 2.4billion by 2050 due to better medicine and improved health care | Mail Online [feedly],p

Daily Mail, UK - Africa's population is set to double to more than 2.4billion over the next few decades due to improved health care and medicines, a new study found.

Sub-Saharan Africa - the world's poorest region - will record the largest amount of population growth of any area in the world between now and 2050, according to the Population Reference Bureau.

But the massive baby boom could put huge strain on resources and fledgling economies in some of the world's most deprived areas, the PRB warned. 

And the projected growth in population assumes that family planning will become more widespread in regions where, for religious or cultural reasons, contraception has not been widely adopted.

The 10 countries worldwide with the highest fertility are all in sub-Saharan Africa.