Sep 24, 2013

The Credit Bubble Is Not Only Back, It Is 94% Bigger Than In 2007

The Credit Bubble Is Not Only Back, It Is 94% Bigger Than In 2007 (ZeroHedge, Sep 23, 2013):

If the Fed was worried about 'froth' in the markets earlier in the year, then this chart should have them panicking. Of course, as Jim Bullard noted Friday, there is no bubble because everyone knows there is no bubble but judging by the massive surge in covenant-lite loan issuance, there is a bubble in forced demand for leveraged loans. At $188.7 billion, the 2013 issuance of these highly unsafe loans (which have seen huge inflows since the Fed started talking taper back in May) is almost double that of the peak of the last credit bubble in 2007 and is five times the size of 2012 YTD issuance at this time. As Reuters notes, Covenant-lite loans used to be reserved for stronger companies and credits, but are now so common in the U.S. leveraged loan market that investors are becoming wary of some credits with a full covenant package. With corporate leverage at all-time highs, what could go wrong?

Demand for leveraged-loans is surging (as rate concerns rise)…

And where there is demand, supply rises to meet it – as the least lender-protected notes surge in issuance…

(Data: Morgan Stanley S&P LCD)

Via Reuters,

Huge demand for leveraged loans from billions of dollars flowing into U.S. loan funds pushed covenant-lite loan volume to a record $188.7 billion, far surpassing the record of 2007, and still going strong.

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