Nov 30, 2013

Wastewater Cleaning From Pilus Energy "Bactobots," Followed By Electricity Production!

Pilus Energy has developed an innovative technology which cleans wastewater while generating electricity. Bacterial robots (Bactobots) consume pollutants from wastewater and create energy.

900 billion gallons of untreated wastewater are released into America's rivers and lakes each year. The U.S. needs to invest $3.6 trillion over the next decade to repair and replace the aging water infrastructure. Pilus Energy's system treats wastewater, making it safe to discharge, while at the same time providing a source of renewable energy.

Pilus Energy relies on bacterial robots (Bactobots) to digest pollutants in the wastewater. During metabolism, the bactobots generate electricity, which is captured by an electrogenic bioreactor platform. The bactobots also expel gases and chemicals, which are also used to generate electricity.