Dec 27, 2013

Cost of Maintaining Nuclear stockpile is over budget by over $140 Billion!

Defense officials in the Obama administration were more than a little off when they told Congress the cost of maintaining the nation's nuclear weapons arsenal over the next 10 years.

They missed the mark by at least $140 billion.


Two years ago, the Pentagon informed lawmakers that they would need to allocate $214 billion over the coming decade to operate and upgrade the stockpile of nuclear warheads and delivery systems.

But the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) looked at the Defense Department's future plans and found that nuclear weapons-related costs were more likely to reach $355 billion by 2023. 

That's 66% higher than the 2011 estimate.

The $355 billion includes $136 billion to modernize and operate submarines, bombers and missiles that deliver warheads, $105 billion to run weapons labs, weapons and naval reactors, $56 billion for command and control systems, and $59 billion for unforeseen technical problems or mismanagement. 

And that's just the direct costs related to the nuclear arsenal.

CBO officials point out there are other, very costly programs that exist because of the nuclear weapons program, such as cleaning up shuttered nuclear fuel facilities or the nation's missile defense systems for shooting down other nation's nuclear missiles. 

These other costs will likely cost the government another $215 billion over the next decade.

"Nuclear weapons aren't cheap as some high-ranking Pentagon officials have suggested," Kingston Reif, director of nuclear non-proliferation at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, an advocacy group in Washington, told the Center for Public Integrity.

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