Jan 16, 2014

Cyclone Waste heat engine finally moving to next commercialization phase

Cyclone Power Technologies developer of the all-fuel clean-tech Cyclone Engine,announced today that it has completed the in-house development and testing phase of its Waste Heat Engine (the WHE-DR) and, as planned, has transitioned the next commercialization and manufacturing phases of the program to The Ohio State University's Center for Automotive Research (CAR).

The Waste Heat Engine is designed to run on heat as low as 500ºF from many different external sources of "wasted" heat such as:

* Commercial or small-scale industrial ovens or furnaces
* Landfill and industrial gas flares
* Engine exhaust – from vehicles or power generators
* Biomass combustion – dry, vegetative waste materials

The commercialization schedule has slipped a few years.

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