Feb 25, 2014

10% of China engulfed in toxic smog

LA Times - A huge swath of northeast China -- more than 10% of the country's landmass -- is again engulfed in toxic smog. Beijing's air quality index, as measured by the U.S. Embassy, hit "hazardous" territory for a sixth day running Tuesday. No relief is expected in the capital until at least Thursday.

The murky gray haze cut visibility on roads, reduced the sun to a faint, moon-like tangerine orb in the sky and prompted the city to issue an "orange alert" -- one step away from the most serious level, red.

About 150 industrial companies have either halted or curbed production to cut down on emissions, Beijing has dispatched tanker trucks to spray roads with water to reduce particulates and the state-run Xinhua news agency is reminding people to avoid outdoor activities and to wear masks.

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