Feb 16, 2014

Molten salt reactor can burn nuclear energies waste to power the world for 72 years.

Transatomic Power  is developing a molten salt reactor. They are using a zirconium hydride moderator instead of graphite. They also use a different salt.

They have a 27 page white paper with their design

This enables a higher energy density than the 1960s molten salt reactor and a smaller reactor which can be made more cheaply.

They believe with relatively traditional manufacturing methods they can make it at two thirds the cost of current nuclear power plants and make it even cheaper with modular designs. They believe electricity costs from their reactors will be cheaper than coal power.

They can burn low enriched uranium that is almost natural uranium and they can burn waste fuel from existing reactors. 270,000 tons of highly radioactive waste fuel that exists today can be used to power the world for 72 years.

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