Jul 8, 2014

Forget ECB's Bazooka, Here Is China's Anti-Pollution Gun

It was a month ago when we showed 13 "insane" proposals to fix China's unprecedented smog problem, which incidentally is now worse than any other place in the developed (or developing) world due to the country's ridiculous and unmatched pace of industrialization. As it turns out while those ideas may indeed have been insane, what we saw overnight reported by China's Xinhua is, while still completely bizarre, certainly fully operational, supposedly.

Presenting China's "anti-pollution" gun which puts even the ECB's (and certainly Hank Paulson's) "bazooka" to shame.


Technicians adjust the parameters on the "multi-purpose" anti-smog car. In Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, the first station called the "fog gun" multi-purpose vehicle, is being used for fog suppression. The versatile vehicle can spray mist into the air, blasting water mist at a distance of 100 meters, 60 meters high, to achieve rapid fog suppression purposes. Xinhua News Agency

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