Jul 16, 2014

One Company Is Exporting Water Straight Out of Drought-Stricken California

The news: California's devastating three-year drought continues, making the state likely to approach its driest period in 400 years. Californians are urged not to waste water and the state may be forced to fine residents who waste water outdoors. 

But one company is still taking a nice, cold gulp of the state's dwindling water reserves: Nestlé is bottling water in the midst of California's drought.

The Desert Sun reports that amidst the worst drought in memory, a Nestlé bottling plant located on the reservation of the Morongo Band of Mission Indians is exempt from local water agencies and doesn't have to reveal how much water it is pulling out of the ground. It produces large quantities of Arrowhead spring water as well as purified water sold as Nestlé Pure Life. The company has refused tours of the plant. Read More via // Mic