Oct 17, 2014

Apart From Ebola (And Inflation), These Are The Greatest Dangers To The World

zero hedge - With 80% of Americans concerned about Ebola, and Europe's most worrisome 'factor' is rising prices (yes, rising, despite central banks' deflation ogre fears), we thought it might be useful to remember just what other concerns the world has. From 'inequality' to 'religious hatred' and from 'nuclear weapons' to 'pollution', there is a lot of diverse fears around the world.

Americans are focused on Ebola (for now)...nearly 80 percent were concerned about the Ebola outbreak, with 41 percent saying they were "very concerned" and 36 percent "somewhat concerned."

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Europe's biggest fears - rising prices!

So, paradoxically to "fix" Europe, Mario Draghi is desperately trying to make Europe's biggest problem even worse.


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Let's see what the rest of the world is worried about... (via The Washington Post)

As panic over the spread of Ebola persists, a new report from the Pew Global Attitudes Project offers a bit of perspective. It explores the larger threats people in different regions of the world fear. Unsurprisingly, concerns vary across continents.


Respondents to the poll were asked to cite what they believed was the top global threat out of five categories. The 48,643 respondents came from 44 countries.



Source: The Washington Post