Nov 9, 2014

I voted this week. I voted for the human race. Will my vote count?

Republicans or Democrats? ... our problems won't we solved by the political race.
I voted for the human race.

Fact: Global Warming is a science that was created after the industrial revolution in the U.S. when it was proven (not theory) that our industrialization was changing the entire world. Based on this science, environmental measures were put into place and the results of those led to reports that justified the current, environmental laws and regulations we have in U.S.

40 years of these laws has made most of the U.S. Cleaner than it was in the 70's and continues to improve.

Fact: Air Conditioning has contributed most to population and growth in unstainable regions, decimating aquifers world wide to provide fresh water to areas that can not replenish it.
(Covered in new book by @stevenbjohnson)

Fact: The same soot and particulate emissions that kill nearly a billion people a year, have been settling on the globes snow packs and glaciers causing them to melt at a uncontrollable rate (not by globewarming, by thermal absorption). Note: Africa will spew half world's particle pollution by 2030.

While CO2 and warming influences are debatable...l these facts are not and are a cause for everyone to help stop it.

Last and most devastating fact:
If the U.S. And European Union stopped ALL chemical, fossil fuel and energy production... Current chemical, fossil fuel use and emissions would still double over next decade, due to Growth in Asia and Middle East.

Knowing those facts, what was your/our solution?
We can't just keep restating the facts, arguing about the weather or blaming the U.S. And Europe to do something. U.S. /U.K. are taking "just enough" steps not too implode their already collapsing economies. For every coal/nuke plant the U.S. /U.K. Shut down... 50 more pop up.

And at the end of the day WATER* is the real problem and is already more expensive than oil in regions.

The unstoppable War?
These facts are just the surface, as the Middle East and Indonesia continue to imports their nations basic fuel, water and food requirements... By as soon as 2020, they will no longer be able to afford to import them. Will we give ours or will they just step into Africa, Russia and UK and take them? Best case scenario is 2050, so we don't have to worry now I guess...

These issues are no longer a debate, they are the key to our survival.

The human race, is the race we need to win.

Until we begin to act like a child born 5,000 miles is still our child and our responsibility I am not sure we know where the starting line even begins.

Thanks for allowing my rant.

-Christopher Haase
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