Mar 3, 2015

China’s biggest viral video right now is this two-hour-long documentary on pollution

The Washington Post: 

The most popular viral phenomenon on Chinese Internet right now has nothing to do with thecolor of a dress or a baby weasel riding a woodpecker. It's a 104-minute-long documentary about the environment.

Produced and narrated by Chai Jing, a former investigative reporter for Chinese state television, the film "Under the Dome" is in the style of a TED talk or an activist Al Gore documentary, looking at the grim state of air pollution in China and what can be done to remedy it.

The film takes aim at the lax practices and individual poor habits that lead to smog blanketing China's cities. After being uploaded on the weekend, it has generated hundreds of millions of views and social media posts by Chinese netizens.

....The film generated a huge, emotional response online, including angry comments directed at China's political authorities.

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