Sep 3, 2015

NIOSH: Protejase Series with multi-media tools to help organizations with Spanish-speaking workers

The series features multi-media tools to help organizations that serve Spanish-speaking workers raise awareness about occupational safety and health and motivate workers to take action to prevent risks and improve workplace safety and health.  Four booklets/brochures, two posters, and five real-worker testimonial videos—all in Spanish—can be viewed and downloaded free of charge at (English website) and (Spanish website). The theme of these materials is La Salud No Tiene Precio—Health Has No Price—and each material in the series has gone through extensive testing with the intended audience. The materials provide evidence-based information to raise awareness about potential occupational safety and health issues and encourage workers to seek assistance for any related questions or concerns they have.
The materials may be downloaded free of charge and are in the public domain, so you can feel free to add your logo and print locally for distribution during Hispanic Heritage Month observances, trainings, health fairs, or other events throughout the year.