Sep 15, 2015

Passing of a Great Johns Hopkins University Epidemiologist--Leon Gordis via @ssdance

​Although he was not known as much in the EOH community, Dr. Leon Gordis was a brilliant and insightful leader and thinker for all of public health and environmental medicine.  Dr. Gordis died last week. He was professor emeritus of epidemiology at Johns Hopkins and very well admired for his humor, his excellent teaching and his writing skills. Leon was the chair of the Hopkins Epidemiology Department for many years. He was the author of several editions of "Epidemiology" (published by Saunders), a marvelous textbook I have recommended to many young scientists wanting a career in public health. And he was a leading thinker about the uses of epidemiology in medical-legal cases.

More about Leon can be found from the Baltimore Sun obituary:

He will be missed.