Feb 18, 2016

Sad goodbye to, Ralph McCall of @WasteCap Thanks Ralph!!!

WasteCap is saying goodbye to one of ours. Ralph McCall is retiring and it is a sad goodbye. Ralph has been with WasteCap since day one. He has weathered every storm. He has innovated. He has succeeded. If there is one thing that is indisputable it is that WasteCap would not be what it is today without him. It would be much less.
We wish every person could have the opportunity to hear Ralph talk about his time with WasteCap. The stories he can share from first walking on job sites and working with Project Managers telling them about this idea of "recycling" on a construction project. Hearing how he was told to get off the job site. Or how this idea would be dead within a month.
"It costs too much!"
"It takes too much time and room!"
"No one wants this!"
Well, Ralph was persistent. Ralph taught what WasteCap to this day preaches. You can save money, time and make a safer job site through recycling.
Over the years, we have recycled 693,713 tons of material. We have worked on projects with over $5 billion budgets. We have saved more than an estimated $27 million through recycling, and that is just on half of our projects.
That is the legacy of Ralph McCall. He changed perceptions. He helped Wisconsin. He helped our environment.
Ralph was also a mentor. He did not hold back. He made sure that you did the right things the right way. If he saw potential he made sure it was realized. While WasteCap will continue doing great work. We will have to do it without one of the best people and a great friend.
Every end is a new beginning. Ralph now can enjoy time with the people and in places he loves. He can enjoy time with his family and being in the outdoors.
This goodbye started WasteCap on a new journey. As you can see in the photo below, we redesigned and painted a salvaged church pew as a going away present. This is something we are going to be doing more on in the future. We will be refinishing, re-crafting and re-imagining furniture. Keep an eye out for these products coming soon to our Salvage Warehouse. Or if you have a specific want let us know and we can create it!

So Ralph even in his retirement created a new path for WasteCap. Instead of goodbye we say thank you and onward!
All the best,
The WasteCap Team