May 3, 2016

FREE Webinar Introduction to Green Chemistry (Ever wonder what my job includes ;-)

Introduction to Green Chemistry

July 21, 2016, Time: noon-1 pm CDT
Type: Event

Design for Environment (DfE) is the recognition that the environmental impacts of a product over its entire life cycle is largely determined at the design phase. DfE should form the foundation for a strong sustainability program, specifically for product stewardship. Green Chemistry, defined as a set of principles to minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances during the manufacture of product, is essentially the application of DfE at the molecular level. A central tenet of Green Chemistry is that hazard (i.e. negative impacts on human health and the environment) should be viewed as a design flaw.

Green Chemistry is a transformational approach to pollution prevention that can make your business more sustainable and, when integrated into the material innovation & exploration stage of new product development, can further lead to business opportunities through innovative design of products and processes. This webinar will provide a basic primer of the principles of Green Chemistry and a discussion of how Green Chemistry can be incorporated into your sustainability strategy.

Audience: This webinar is geared to professionals tasked in developing business sustainability programs as well as Research & Development staff or Project Managers creating new products or processes.

Contact Information:
Contact: Michigan DEQ Sustainability Series