Feb 23, 2017

Free Webinar: Using Risk Ranking To Drive Behaviors, Efficiencies and Insights with @WToddLunsford

Webinar Summary

The focus of the incident management process, as well as other processes used to communicate risk, has evolved over the years.

Getting a high level of engagement from the workforce to increase risk communication has been a challenge especially where historical lack of follow up or uncertainty about what constitutes a valid event has prevailed.

To address these and similar challenges, many asset-intensive organizations have embedded risk evaluation into their incident management process, leading to improved data quality, engagement, and process execution. Using risk to help your organization better define an event and the associated follow up will allow you to make focused improvements and better predict performance throughout your operating assets.

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What you will learn:

• A perspective on the incident management reporting process maturity curve.

• The challenges other companies in the industry are facing with respect to a high incident management reporting rate.

• Business reasons why it can help to incorporate risk ranking into the incident management process.

Who should attend:

• Safety professionals interested in increasing safety performance within their organizations.

• Safety professionals struggling with the challenge of prioritizing corrective actions.

• Safety professionals struggling with a high amount of questionable reporting data.

Todd Lunsford

Todd Lunsford, Director of Process Improvement

Carrie Young

Carrie Young,
Vice President of Consulting Services