Feb 17, 2017

How Big Data Is Leveraged To Save Lives via @KevinDruley

We all hear words like "big data," "data scientist" and "predictive analytics." What do they really mean and how can they help predict incidents and drive prevention? We also will also discuss the importance of meaningful engagement and how it helps drive predictive models. 

In this webinar we will clearly define the role of a data scientist. We will dive into how they use their skill set and create meaningful predictive models based on leading and lagging indicators. We will discuss how these models lead to actionable risk prevention outputs. 

You will learn how companies with highly evolved safety cultures and programs are able to provide a high level of insight -- even to the point of being able to predict and prevent workplace injuries. 

  • How meaningful engagement drives predictive modeling 
  • What is the role of a data scientist 
  • How do data scientists use their skill set to create actionable predictive models 
  • How can modeling predict and prevent workplace injuries 
  • What actionable can a predictive model provide and what is the practical application of that information
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