Apr 4, 2017

Cancer added to 1-bromopropane health concerns

A new Health Hazard Alert from the Hazard Evaluation System and Information Service adds cancer to the growing list of negative health effects that may be caused by 1-bromopropane.

1-Bromopropane, also called 1-BP, is a solvent used in degreasing, spray adhesives, aerosol solvents, and dry cleaning. We have known for some time that 1-BP harms the reproductive and nervous systems. There is now evidence that 1-BP may also damage the genes and cause cancer.

The alert details health damage 1-BP can cause, citing recent scientific findings on its cancer risks. It provides a list of products that contain 1-BP and offers comprehensive recommendations for reducing exposure.

The Hazard Evaluation System and Information Service, or HESIS, investigates new and unrecognized workplace hazards, provides early warning, and works to prevent illness and disease on the job.

For more information, see Health Hazard Alert: 1-Bromopropane.