May 30, 2017

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Injury and Illness Recordkeeping 9-1-1: Status of the revised rule

Tuesday, June 6th 10:00 AM Central Time

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OSHA has significantly revised its Injury and Illness Recordkeeping requirements, which will affect the recordkeeping experience for the majority of employers.

But the core of what an employer must do has not really changed.  You must still evaluate each injury and illness for its recordability according to OSHA's criteria in Sections 1904.5 through 1904.7, and log it within seven working days of finding out about it. You're still required to keep and maintain the OSHA 300 Log for each establishment that is required to keep records, and fill out and post the 300-A Summary by February 1st each year.

There have been significant changes as well. These may affect post-incident drug testing policies in your workplace and incentive programs which are tied to your incident rates.

This webcast will present a clear picture of:

• the status of the rule changes, 

• electronic reporting of injuries and illnesses, and 

• employer responsibilities under OSHA's Part 1904 Injury and Illness Recordkeeping rules