Jun 6, 2017

Free digital edition of “Occupational Safety and Health Online. How to find reliable information”.

The book is an introduction on how to find the highest quality occupational safety and health (OSH) information online, and is a useful tool for education and training, research and evidence-based practice. It is recommended he book for PhD and Master's students as well as for postgraduate education of OSH professionals: occupational physicians, safety experts, occupational health nurses, hygienists, psychologists and ergonomists. The book is appropriate for continuing medical education (CME) and continuous professional development (CPD). See  https://shop.ldoh.net/shop/occupational-safety-health-online-e-book/

The book can be downloaded as a common working tool by course participants, a group of OSH professionals-in-training or researchers. Authors and co-authors are Frank van Dijk, Yohama Caraballo-Arias, Jos Verbeek, Carel Hulshof and Paul Smits, all international experts in the field.