Nov 30, 2017

EPA Determines that Update to Standards for “Small Manufacturers and Processors” is Warranted for TSCA Reporting

On November 30, 2017, EPA will publish a final determination, as required under the amended TSCA, that an update is warranted to the size standards for small manufacturers and processors currently used to determine which small businesses are exempt from reporting regulations under TSCA Section 8(a).

As required by the amended TSCA, EPA reviewed the adequacy of the existing standards that define what constitute small manufacturers and processors used in connection with reporting regulations under TSCA section 8(a). After reviewing public comments and consulting with the Small Business Administration (SBA), EPA has determined that a revision to the existing standards is warranted.  The future revisions to the standards will occur by subsequent rulemaking, which allows for further opportunities for consultation with the SBA and public notice and comment.

Read the Federal Register notice announcing EPA's determination.

Read the May 9, 2017, notice requesting public comment on the necessity for an updated standard.

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