Sep 17, 2018

The EPA is announcing $2.4 million in a grant for the National Brownfields Training Conferences Co-Sponsorship FY 2019-2024

The EPA anticipates award of one cooperative agreement to an eligible recipient who will be the primary non-federal co-sponsor for the next three National Brownfields Training Conferences. The National Brownfields Training Conferences provide training, research and technical assistance to communities to facilitate the inventory of brownfield sites, site assessments and remediation of brownfield sites, community involvement, and site preparation. The primary non-federal co-sponsor will use this funding to assist non-federal personnel (states, tribes, local governments, non-profits, industry and community groups) in participating in three National Brownfields Training Conferences, to be planned and held over a five-year period, beginning in 2019. EPA will be the primary federal co-sponsor.The proposal deadline is October 19, 2018.


To Apply: