Feb 26, 2020

Stimulating summer class focusing on military as specialized workplace

Are you looking for an outstanding 1 credit summer class that addresses military exposures, veterans health, and service-linked policies?  This course is ideal for you!  It is designed to appeal to students from many disciplines, including those from *outside* of GWU.  We can certainly accommodate students wishing to participate online.

Summer II 2020 - PubH 6199
Veterans, Deployment & Environmental Issues - 1 credit - Dr. David Goldsmith

Note that this class meets on Monday evenings,
6:10pm - 8:40pm, June 29 until Aug 3, 2020

For more information, please email Dr. Goldsmith (dgoldsmi@gwu.edu),

This course examines the current, historical and future policy concerns about military exposures and the risks of illness among deployed troops and military veterans. The class will emphasize troops' exposure during Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, Vietnam, and the Gulf War.  It will examine the roles of DOD, the Veterans Administration, medical researchers, and the National Academy of Medicine in health protection, exposure monitoring, health and cancer research, and policies regarding service-connected disabilities. Current topics--such as sexual assault, the increase of women vets, and delays in VA disability benefits, burn pits, suicide, and PTSD/traumatic brain injuries--will be included.  Students will write a paper and make a short presentation on a topic of interest. There is *no* exam.

This class will be a difference-maker for anyone seeking a job at the Veterans Administration (VA) or with Tricare, or who seeks a research or policy position that addresses the health of active duty military or veterans.

Examples of current stories that will be covered in the course

Sexual Violence Victims Say Military Justice System Is 'Broken'

Privatization of VA health care.

The wars' toll on female Iraq and Afghanistan veterans