Apr 9, 2007

Stores selling out of Glass baby bottles after health alarms raised about plastics

Old news on my blog... but ball is rolling on plastic in food products
Online and brick-and-mortar retailers report a run on glass baby bottles in recent weeks that they say was spurred by reports that the most common type of plastic in baby bottles may leach a toxic chemical. Read more at SF Gate
Then, in late February, Environment California, an advocacy group, released a report titled "Toxic Baby Bottles" that drew intense national media coverage.
When heated, five of the most popular brands of polycarbonate -- the clear, shatterproof plastic used in baby bottles -- leached bisphenol A at levels that have been found to cause harm in laboratory animals, Environment California found.
San Francisco approved a ban on children's products containing bisphenol A and certain phthalates, the chemicals that soften polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. Animal studies also have shown that phthalates interfere with sex hormones. Even at low levels, bisphenol A has been linked to abnormalities in the mammary and prostate glands and the eggs of laboratory animals, scientists say. Animal tests also show bisphenol A can speed up puberty and add to weight gain, and may cause changes that can lead to breast and prostate cancer.
"I typically don't react to these things," she said. "There are 9 million things that are bad for you. You try to temper everything with common sense."
But "this isn't something I want to take a chance on when it comes to my child's well-being."
Online resources on possible risks and alternatives to plastics for children:
Environment California report: www.links.sfgate.com/ZCM