Jun 25, 2008

EPA verified 25 mpg SUV & 48 mpg non-hybrids

gl320.jpgMercedes To Introduce Cleanest Diesel SUV In The U.S.

Mercedes-Benz has announced it is ready to introduce the R, ML and GL 320 SUVs equipped with Mercedes’ BlueTEC technology in the U.S. The company says that the vehicles are the most economical full-size SUV in the U.S. - the GL 320, gets 25 mpg, the company says.

Daimler is also introducing its “Blue Efficiency” initiative that aims to cut fuel use in passenger cars by up to 12 percent, starting with 20 models this year, Reuters reports. The company says the measures will include lowering roll resistance of tires, improving aerodynamics and increasing engine efficiency.
Also EPA has verifies and tested an advanced "Venturi Fuel Delivery System" that increases vehicle mileage 20% overall. The Honda test vehicle got over 48 mpg: