Mar 25, 2009

CA rule to check tire pressure

CA - Automotive service industry must check tire pressure on all vehicles.
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Today, the Air Resources Board adopted a regulation that will require California’s automotive maintenance industry to check the tire pressure of every vehicle they service.
Effective July 1, 2010, this rule, one of 44 early action measures required by AB 32, will annually:
• Eliminate 700,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions;
• Reduce the state’s fuel consumption by 75 million gallons; and,
• Extend the average tire’s useful life by 4,700 miles.
“Checking tire pressure is one of the many simple things that we can all do to reduce our impact on the environment,” said ARB board member Barbara Riordan. “While we should do this monthly, this measure makes it convenient and regular.”
Tire pressure check will save money, gas and lives
"Under-inflated tires waste fuel, cause tires to wear out prematurely and increase drivers' safety risk," said Dan Zielinski, senior vice president with the Rubber Manufacturers Association, which represents tire manufacturers.  "This regulation will help protect California's environment, help consumers save money in fuel and tire costs, and help Californians optimize vehicle safety." Read full at