Mar 25, 2009

A Real Rescue U.S. Investment Plan... Conserve & Efficiency Improvements

Obama Administration Announces $3.2 Billion in Funding for Local Energy Efficiency Improvements
Vice President Joe Biden and Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced plans to invest $3.2 billion in energy efficiency and conservation projects in U.S. cities, counties, states, territories, and Native American tribes. The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program, funded by President Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, will provide formula grants for projects that reduce total energy use and fossil fuel emissions, and improve energy efficiency nationwide.
The funding will support energy audits and energy efficiency retrofits in residential and commercial buildings, the development and implementation of advanced building codes and inspections, and the creation of financial incentive programs for energy efficiency improvements. Other activities eligible for use of grant funds include transportation programs that conserve energy, projects to reduce and capture greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy installations on government buildings, energy efficient traffic signals and street lights, deployment of Combined Heat and Power and district heating and cooling systems, and others.

Haase  - The utilization of the 4 R's is to reduce our energy demands and secure a prosperous, safe and healthy future is what we have been begging for - for decades. This Act is a monumental pivoting point that may have the greatest impact on saving our jobs, economy and make a REAL tangible difference on securing our nations energy needs.
The point of saving a bank may be, pointless
Unless you invest in the act of people making, doing or gather things for themselves and others there is NO return on that investment.
The point of a bank is to take money and make a profit exploiting the monetary value system during a exchange of goods or services.
Ultimately the bank itself is a 'value added service' not a value in and of itself.
And while investments in stabilizing a monetary value exchange system may help in the trade of things... its helpfulness is not a cure.
The fabric of 'why' we are a society:
People make, do or gather things for themselves and others. What things you can't make, do or gather you need to exchange something another person can't make, do or gather... it is that simple. 
Why do I make the obvious and somewhat hurtful bank point... 
Less than 5% of the bailout goes towards energy, security and prosperity with over 60% going into fix a problem that returns no value other than 'avoidance of a threat that may never go away'. 
Please read full announcement at EEERE Website with full DOE recovery Act Funning of $32.7 Billion at