Jun 29, 2009

Clean energy for plug-in cars not ready anytime soon...

The $787 billion stimulus spending bill enacted in February promotes plug-in electric cars for use by the federal government, and eventually, the public.

Purpose of these plug-in cars is to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and wean America off foreign energy sources.

That sounds good, except it won’t work.

America doesn’t have the electrical capacity to make it work, and a report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) says the plug-in vehicles being pushed by the Obama administration won’t decrease greenhouse gas emissions.  

Regarding electricity, on June 16, Lloyd Yates, CEO of Progress Energy told directors and members of the County Economic Development Council at a lunch in the Crystal Coast Civic Center that while Progress Energy supports the push toward renewable, responsible and sustainable energy, goals must be realistic, measurable and at a minimum cost to end users of electricity.

“Don’t underestimate how this is going to change — the costs of energy go up,” he said, noting nuclear power will play a dominant role in the company’s federally mandated move toward cleaner energy alternatives.

We surmise, as does everyone, that this is doable.

We believe, however, that it’s only doable if Progress Energy is given the green light — no pun intended — to build more nuclear power plants.

Nuclear power plants cost money, tons, because meeting all the environmental safeguards is exorbitantly expensive.

Second, aside from the exorbitantly expensive environmental safeguards, which we know would be met with any new nuclear power plant construction, are the environmental roadblocks that will, if history is any lesson, be thrown up to halt or delay any nuclear power plant construction.

Mr. Yates said Progress Energy added 18,000 new customers in 2008, in a down economy.

Saying concerns over “global warming” and fuel market volatility require new alternatives, including improved efficiency, he said increased reliance on renewable energy sources and construction of nuclear power plants is absolutely necessary.

He added that Progress Energy’s goal of doubling efficiency over the next decade means convincing customers to conserve and alter their “electrically intense lifestyles.”

“We have to convince people to use less energy. Customers must change their behavior,” said Mr. Yates, adding, those “who need energy efficiency most can least afford it.”

.... the idea of plug-in electric cars comes from a scam driven by ideology and money.

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