Jan 19, 2010

Free Arch Flash Webinar NFPA 70E (USA) & CSA Z462 (Canada)

Oberon Arc Flash protection Webinar - Hundreds of workers die every year from on-the-job electrical injuries. The Electrical Safety Standards require employers to implement an electrical safety program to protect these workers. Failure to implement NFPA 70E or Canada's CSA Z462 can result in huge costs to an employer from litigation, medical, rehabilitation and retraining costs resulting from an accident as well as the cost of penalties. HTML clipboard

What we be covered:

  • The major principles of these Electrical Safety Standards to achieve workplace safety
  • When you need an Electrical Safety Program
  • Why you need to comply with these Standards and Who needs to comply

This 1-hour presentation will walk you through the standard, simplifying the jargon into simple elements.

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Thanks for the invite Randell ;-)