Jan 19, 2010

Some gave their all and some gave everything to protect our freedom...

Jason Diz, AFP - Calling 2009 a "painful year," the US Army announced that it faced a record number of suicides among Army personnel, with 160 active-duty soldiers taking their own lives, with the level suddenly rising to epidemic levels in recent years. HTML clipboard

But despite the expectation that endless combat deployments would be playing a role in the deaths, officials say that about 1/3 of the soldiers who took their lives this year hadn't yet been sent on any combat missions.

While we may not all understand or agree on the actions of armies or war, we can all appreciated and respect the countless individuals who sacrifice their lives for our freedom. PLEASE do what you can to support (y)our vets - A open heart and ear helps.

To all the vets I know or may be reading this who helped insure I could write this today... thanks ;-)