Apr 23, 2010

D-evil of a climate bill

HTML clipboard"To just have one program that would preempt states and have a one-size-fits all federal approach really not only ignores the whole history of success in the environmental area but also would not be the wisest way to go in terms of either maximizing greenhouse gas reductions or to maximize the amount of job creation,"
said Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Director Doug Scott.

Reuters –  California and other states with aggressive environmental agendas said on Wednesday they fear a federal climate bill may unacceptably weaken their power...The federal bill is expected to include a key provision for a cap-and-trade program, which limits total greenhouse gas emissions and lets big polluters trade permits to emit.

Similar state plans are expected to be forbidden. That would be more drastic than a moratorium on state cap-and-trade considered in a bill passed by the House of Representatives. Please read more at Reuters (Yahoo news)