Apr 23, 2010

Susan Hedman to Administrator EPA's Region 5

The environmental challenges and opportunities facing this region are great and I am glad to see Susan jump in with both feet -Haase
"I look forward to working closely with Susan Hedman on the range of urgent environmental issues we face, in Region 5 and across the nation,"  "At this moment of great challenge and even greater opportunity, I'm thrilled that Susan will be part of our leadership team at EPA. She will certainly play an instrumental role in our Agency's mission to protect our health and the environment." - said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson.

"Susan Hedman is great choice to lead the Environmental Protection Agency's efforts here in the Midwest. I have known and worked with Susan for many years, and she is smart, a very hard worker, and firmly committed to serving the public interest. She brings decades of experience in environmental protection around the Great Lakes region, the country, and indeed the planet. Her appointment is another strong sign that professionalism and integrity are important goals for Administrator Lisa Jackson in leading USEPA." IL sierraclub
Her appointment is great news for all of us who love the Great Lakes, who want to protect our children from pollution, and who are ready to create good jobs in a new, clean energy economy. I know she will always put the people's interest in a healthy environment first. - IL sierraclub