Jun 21, 2010

First Climategate, Then Glaciergate, Now Amazongate...

HTML clipboard First Climategate, Then Glaciergate, Now Amazongate and ... Hurricanegate? Proponents of catastrophic man-made global warming gave critics a lot of ammunition when emails leaked from the East Anglia University Climatic Research Unit indicated that some prominent climate scientists may have been manipulating data... everything has gone south.HTML clipboard

Mongabay- The Sunday Times over the weekend retracted a column that accused the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of making a "bogus rainforest claim" when it cited a report warning that up to 40 percent of the Amazon could be "drastically" affected by climate change. The "Amazongate" column, authored by Jonathan Leake, Science & Environment Editor of the Sunday Times, was immediately seized upon by climate skeptics as further evidence to discredit the IPCC just two weeks after it was found to be using shoddy glacier data in its 2007 climate assessment. But now the Sunday Times has removed Leake's column from its web site and issued on apology, admitting that the Amazon claim was indeed supported by scientific research. The Sunday Times also acknowledged misconduct in the way one of the story's sources—Simon Lewis of the University of Leeds in Britain—was quoted. Read on at Mongabay

Ouch: Bad reporting puts GOOD environmental efforts in jeopardy.
We have REAL viable threats, there is no need to skew numbers or headlines to get more people on board or additional funding.

People led by false prophets and fear start wars... people led by solutions and innovation start revolutions.

And after three decades of fails prophets and war, I think it is time for a peaceful revolution.

British Newspaper Apologizes to Climate Scientist