Jun 21, 2010

Is this a JOKE? FDA Fines American Red Cross $16 Million?

WTF - No one can figure out a better way to hold the red cross accountable other than stripping ten of millions of dollars in donations from the worlds number one provider of emergency care?

Where do they think the money is coming from?

The FDA announced today that they have fined the worlds number one provider of emergency care(American Red Cross) for prior failures to comply with Federal laws and regulations related to the collection and manufacture of blood products.

Despite the compliance failures, FDA found no evidence that the Red Cross violations endangered any patients and the blood supply is believed to be safe. Multiple layers of safeguards are in place to protect and enhance the safety of blood products. However, these types of violations decrease the assurance that blood products manufactured by American Red Cross will continue to be safe and have the potential to compromise the safety of the blood supply.

The FDA assessed fines totaling $16.18 million – $9.79 million for violations related to mismanagement of certain blood products and $6.39 million for Good Manufacturing Practice violations. Blood products include red cells, plasma and platelets.