Jul 14, 2011

Arizona County Creates On-Line Calculator to Speed Solar Permits.

Solar energy system installers in Pima County (Arizona) can now size their systems accurately on-line using a calculator and spreadsheet laid out in a standard system design. The on-line form lets users to compare structural and electrical loads, ratings, and sizes of equipment for compliance with county building code requirements. The completed spreadsheet can be printed out and submitted with permit applications. The on-line tool, believed to be the first of its kind, is expected to limit permitting and processing costs to a maximum of $150 per residential installation, just 6% of the national average. Applicants can save even more by submitting the permit applications on-line rather than in person. 

Here are the direct links to the calculator, which is provided in a standard and micro application:
Standard inverter:

Micro inverter:

The creation of the solar calculator marks another phase of county solar-permitting process improvements that got under way in 2006. That is when Pima County Development Services devised a method for setting up solar equipment on existing roofs without requiring engineered analyses.

The new solar calculators were introduced to electricians and others at a Regional Solar Permitting Workshop held on June 29, 2011 for the industry.
The workshop was organized by Pima County Solar One Stop, http://www.solaronestopaz.org