Jul 14, 2011

Free Webinar" on July 26 Solvent Substitution or Optimization Can Save Money and Improve Safety

Or you could just switch to ESS neutrals for industrial process cleaning ;-)
Register today for this "Solvents Substitution Webinar" on July 26!
Solvents are expensive and, if hazardous, special handling and management requirements add even more cost. Fortunately, many effective, nonhazardous alternatives are available. The exact combination of solvent and cleaning techniques will vary based upon soils and materials being cleaned.

Please pass this invitation on to your clients who could benefit from this webinar.
There are easy projects businesses can do to save materials and energy in their operations. The Nebraska Business Development Center is conducting Summer Webinar Series focusing on easy savings for small to medium-sized commercial businesses and manufacturers. The remaining webinars are solvents (July 26) and lighting (August 31).

For more information about the webinar series, please visit our website: www.p2ric.org/business
Also, view booklet with case studies on these areas plus water conservation, Easy Material and Energy Savings, http://nbdc.unomaha.edu/energy/energy_book.pdf.