Oct 6, 2016

Free Webinar Empowering remote communities with renewables using Hybrid Microgrids 19th October 2016 at 4pm UK time

Hybrid Microgrids: Towards sustainable and affordable energy access-for-all in Southeast Asia
19th October 2016 at 4pm UK time

Renewable energy deployment in off-grid systems is growing steadily in both developed and developing countries, due to declining costs and technological improvements.

At the same time, the market for off-grid renewable energy systems is expected to increase through the hybridisation of existing diesel grids with wind, solar PV, biomass gasification and small hydropower, especially on islands and in rural areas. Off-grid renewable energy systems are needed to connect the vast numbers of people still currently with no source of electricity, but are also appropriate for grid extension and are particularly relevant for island states, where inhabitants rely on diesel generators and spend a considerable percentage of gross domestic product on the import of fuels. Renewables are a cost-effective alternative.

This webinar will illustrate the technical and operational approaches currently being deployed by Schneider Electric, Engie and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore for island microgrids, as well as focusing on evolving business models.

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