Aug 1, 2018

EPA Facts and Figures Report available and A to Z Directory!

Data Update to Facts and Figures Website and Fact Sheet
EPA has released its most recent Facts and Figures data on national municipal solid waste (MSW), which is for the year 2015. EPA published these data on its Facts and Figures about Materials, Waste and Recycling website and in a summary fact sheet, which includes new numbers, trends, charts and data tables. In 2015, 262.4 million tons of MSW, or trash, were generated. The per capita generation rate was 4.48 pounds per person per day. Of the MSW generated, approximately 68 million tons were recycled and 23 million tons were composted. In addition, 33 million tons were combusted with energy recovery and more than 137 million tons of MSW were landfilled. Since the passage of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act in 1976, the recycling and composting rate has more than tripled to the current rate of 34.7 percent.
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