Nov 18, 2019

Iowa wind farm sending many giant blades to landfills, will create over one million tons of fiberglass

"Landfills are really struggling to manage them, and they just decide they can't accept them...."
Bill Rowland, president of the Iowa Society of Solid Waste Operations, said he's unsure
"we as a society" considered what would happen to the blades as older turbines are repowered.

"There wasn't a plan in place to say, 'How are we going to recycle these?' 'How are we going to reduce the impact on landfills?'" said Rowland, director of the Landfill of North Iowa near Clear Lake...

According to the article, one U.S. Department of Energy researcher told the Des Moines Register that wind energy will create over one million tons of fiberglass and other composite waste,
adding that "The scale of the issue is quite large... And it's a larger sustainability issue."

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