Nov 30, 2004

Raabe Corporation Menomonee Falls, WI (November 30, 2004) -

Raabe Corporation (Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin), a privately-held manufacturer of custom touch-up paints and private label aerosol and liquid coatings, was acquired by Quest Specialty Chemicals LLC (New Milford, New Hampshire). Huron Capital Partners, through an investment in Quest, provided equity capital to fund the transaction. M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank provided senior debt financing and Harris Nesbitt Capital, Inc. provided subordinated debt for the transaction.

Raabe will continue to operate from its Menomonee Falls facility under the direction of its current management team, with David Wacker continuing as President. Quest intends to manage Raabe as the cornerstone of a strategy for building a world-class coatings and adhesives business through acquisitions. Kent Raabe, one of the selling shareholders, commented: “We were very pleased to find a buyer that shared our commitment to employees and exceptional customer service. We’re confident that Raabe Corporation will continue to prosper under the direction of the new shareholders.”

Grace Matthews, Inc. advised the shareholders of Raabe Corporation in the sale of the business. "This is a deal that truly worked for everyone," said John Beagle, Managing Director at Grace Matthews. "The Raabe shareholders received a full value for their company that will enable them to fund their philanthropic interests. Quest and Huron acquired one of the most respected companies in the industry as a growth platform for aerosol products. And finally, the current management team will have opportunities to grow the business in new directions."

About Raabe Corporation:

Founded by the entrepreneur Richard Raabe in 1951, Raabe Corporation has evolved from a modest store-front mixer of touch-up paints for local auto shops into a nationally recognized leader in custom matched touch-up paints and private label aerosol coatings. Raabe's ready-to-apply touch up paints are formulated to match original manufacturers' finishes in terms of color and gloss, and are used to repair minor nicks and scratches on product surfaces. The company also manufactures branded aerosol coatings under private label contracts for many well-known paint companies.

About Grace Matthews:

Grace Matthews, Inc., based in Milwaukee, provides merger, acquisition, and finance advisory services. Grace Matthews' principals have successfully completed over 100 transactions on behalf of clients ranging from private, middle-market companies to large foreign and U.S.-based multi-nationals.

Nov 22, 2004

Neu DishCare Photos

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Neutral Cleaning .com

Welcome! Fellow Environmental Advocate

Thank you for your concern for the environment. In addition to the many ways you live your life in an environmentally conscientious way, the cleaners you use can also have a huge impact. Many current household and industrial cleaners are corrosive and hazardous, and people do not realize it.

Many cleaners are organic and biodegradable, but they use a large amount of water to rinse off soap residue. For instance, many brands of eco-dishwashing liquid use up to fifty times as much water to rinse off soap residues. How "environmentally friendly" can a cleaner be if it wastes so much of our most precious resource even if it is derived from earth friendly ingredients?

This website was generated to help educate consumers, students, industry and people in there everyday life about water conservation and environmentally safe cleaners. We hope you find the information on this site useful and enlightening. Please share it with other people who support our concerns for water conservation and waste prevention.

Thanks again for your continued support in helping save the environment
"one solution at a time".

The ESS Website

About neu dish care, dish soap and natural cleaners

About neu dish care, dish soap and natural cleaners

The story of neu really began eleven years ago with the birth of a company called Environmentally Sensitive Solutions, Inc. (ESS). ESS was started to fill a niche in the industrial manufacturing market. Industrial metal manufacturers typically use rather harsh cleaning chemicals when removing process lubricants from metal during the manufacturing process.

These harmful cleaning chemicals typically include environmentally damaging solvents and corrosive caustic cleaners. These harsh cleaners burned workers and were not environmentally friendly. ESS offered organic, environmentally friendly products that would replace these harsh solvents and caustics. All ESS degreasers have a pH that is neutral, which means that the pH is balanced and is not alkaline or acid. ESS neutral products gave metal manufacturers a safer and more environmentally cleaning option that could still achieve even the tightest cleanliness specification.

In the last five years, ESS neutral cleaners have eliminated 85 million pounds of hazardous materials from the environment. ESS won the Wisconsin Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention in 2004.

Nov 8, 2004

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Nov 1, 2004

Cousin Tage Haase

The Medical Center: "

My Cousin Tage Haase

Physician Information:
Tage F. Haase, M.D.
General Surgery
Graves Gilbert Clinic
350 Park Street, First Floor
Bowling Green, KY 42101
Phone: (270) 783-3307
Fax: (270) 780-0491

Specialty: General Surgery
Board Certification: General Surgery
Medical School: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Residency: Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh