Nov 17, 2005

EPA Called Upon To Suspend Costly Gasoline Regulation Causing Harmful Urban Pollution

EPA Called Upon To Suspend Costly Gasoline Regulation Causing Harmful Urban Pollution
NAFA claims EPA justified its national regulation on the evidence of a single test vehicle, which it modified, and whose results were “forced” and then introduced into the record after it was too late for public comment.

Aveda Environmental Awards Honor Three Publications for Progressive Paper Use

GAO Report: US Reduces Protection of Waters and Wetlands
Oct 13, 2005 WASHINGTON - In the past four years, the United States has drastically cut back on its protection of waterways and wetlands, whose erosion was cited as a factor in the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, according to a report issued on Wednesday.

BSU professor will help with airplane safety - ID,USA
... answer many questions that still remain about passenger health and
safety on airplanes ... chosen as a research partner through a competitive
bid process with other ...

Carbon Monoxide in Fresh Meat: Consumer Deception and a Potential Health Hazard

In 2004 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allowed the use of carbon monoxide in consumer-ready fresh meat packaging. The use of carbon monoxide in fresh meat causes a chemical reaction that creates a substance that makes the meat look red and fresh beyond the time it is safe to eat. Because consumers use appearance as the principal indicator of freshness, this is a serious issue of deception and food safety.

Latest Environmental new

Attenborough puts focus on global warming...Guardian Unlimited

Rich nations' greenhouse gas emissions may rise: UN...AP via

Exposure to environment issues starts right from school campus...

DENSO Announces New Long-term Global Environmental Policy...PR Newswire via Wards

Climate change will hit least polluting countries hardest...Guardian Unlimited

Rich nations' greenhouse gas emissions may rise-UN...Reuters

Hearing Scheduled to Take Additional Public Comment on Actions Regulating Mercury

Emissions from Utilities...Environmental Protection Agency

Grape biofuel may lift fortunes of French vintners - Nov. 15, 2005

French winemakers look to biofuel production
The winemakers are looking at new outlets for their products, and one wine industry official says the country could produce about 40 million liters of alcohol to be used in biofuels. He says further research could yield increased production and may help some winemakers generate additional income.

Hazardous Waste Reduction - News


Times Picayune - New Orleans,LA,USA ... The list includes landfills; "reduction areas," where debris is burned or mulched ... 31 that an estimated 1 million pounds of hazardous waste had been collected in ...


Times Picayune - New Orleans,LA,USA... The list includes landfills, "reduction areas" where debris is burned or mulched and ... 31 that an estimated 1 million pounds of hazardous waste had been..


DASSAULT Falcon Jet winner of state environmental awardArkansas Democrat-Gazette (subscription) - Little Rock,AR,USA... of pre-treated wastewater by 32 percent and cutting hazardous waste generation by ... of Mountain Home, for waste reduction and recycling.


The News Journal - Wilmington,DE,USA... by scrubbing toxic material leaving the stack) from hazardous waste disposal rules ... fossil energy, and reduce greenhouse gases -- waste reduction, recycling and ...

Environmental Protection Grants

EPA OKs pile of $$ for watershedThe US Environmental Protection Agency has chosen the Huff ... intended for innovative water-quality protection projects ... year's selections and the grants program is ...


EPA Provides $9 Million for Watershed Protection Water and Wastewater - Jacksonville Beach,FL,USA Washington, DC -- Twelve coalitions in as many states are finalists in the competition to apply for US Environmental Protection Agency grants totaling $9...


WSST Amwell seeks creek study volunteers
Lambertville Beacon - Lambertville,NJ,USA ... waterway, which grants it the highest level of protection in the state. A recent $239,000 grant from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection will ..


STATE speaker: Controlling invasives takes teamworkRochester Democrat and Chronicle - Rochester,NY,USA Stark, a representative of the state Department of Environmental Protection, was in ... Next year, a million dollars in grants to communities and nonprofits will


US Department of Agriculture, offers loans andgrants in order ...


CENTRAL Ohio watershed group to receive EPA grant
U.S. (press release) - Washington,DC,USA... US Environmental Protection Agency Region 5U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has ... is among 12 watersheds nationwide eligible to receive grants for innovative ...


GRANTS place premium on protecting estuary... The Barnegat Bay National Estuary Program is a federally funded program through the US Environmental Protection Agency and sponsored locally by Ocean County ...


CENTRAL Ohio Watershed Group to Receive EPA GrantPR Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA 15 /PRNewswire/ -- US Environmental Protection Agency has chosen the Huff Run ... It is among 12 watersheds nationwide eligible to receive grants for innovative ...


YORK - The US Environmental Protection Agency's New England ... agencies and nonprofit organizations for environmental education grants for fiscal year ...


The Times - no environmental technicians????

GREEN forum slaps SET Environmental issues focal point of event
White Rock Peace Arch News - White Rock,British Columbia,Canada
... He rebutted claims Surrey has no environmental technicians, saying
he knows of at ... from saying more industrial development is needed -
to put more jobs on this .

Can environmental regulation lead to a more competitive environment?

"Can environmental regulation lead to a more competitive environment?
Apperently so. In the context of the current EU focus on growth and jobs, a paper is being published to review the evidence on the links between environmental regulation and competitiveness.

The Network of Heads of European Environmental Protection Agencies submits this paper as its contribution to the current debate.

What are the main findings?
It finds that a modern approach to regulation can reduce costs for industry and business; create markets for environmental goods and services; drive innovation; reduce business risk and increase the confidence of the investment markets and insurers; assist competitive advantage and create competitive markets; create and sustain jobs; improve the health of the workforce and the wider public; and protect the natural resources on which business and we all depend.

What are the main conclusions?
The paper concludes that there is now significant evidence from international research that good environmental management and regulation does not impede overall competitiveness and economic development. On the contrary, it can be beneficial by creating pressure that drives innovation and alerts business about resource inefficiencies and new opportunities."

American workers' compensation claims result in $20 billion in lost work time and medical claims each year

"Over the last decade, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) have become the largest injury category plaguing computer users in the workplace, home and school. Altogether, RSI represents 62 percent of all North American workers' compensation claims and results in nearly $15 billion to $20 billion in lost work time and medical claims each year, as reported by OSHA. California, a leader in workplace safety, proactively recognized this issue over five years ago when it was the first state to enact regulations (Title-8) requiring employers to address office ergonomics and computer workstation safety."

New OSHA alliance targets young workers

Educating young workers in Rockland, Orange, Ulster, Putnam and Northern Westchester counties about occupational safety and health is the goal of a new alliance among OSHA’s Tarrytown and Albany offices, the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) and the New York State Department of Labor's On-Site Consultation Program (NYS ON-SITE).

Under the alliance, OSHA, BOCES and NYS ON-SITE will work jointly to provide BOCES members, students and others with information, guidance and training to help protect the safety and health of students and young workers, particularly in reducing and preventing exposure to falls, electrical, struck-by and caught between hazards, amputations, lead and silica exposures and workplace violence. It will include development of a safety and health curricula and delivery of OSHA's construction and general industry courses. OSHA will work to provide BOCES faculty with Train-the-Trainer courses so they can deliver OSHA safety and health classes to students and provide them with course completion cards.

Nov 16, 2005

National Alternative Fuels Association

Summary of NAFA v U.S. EPA, Docket No. 00-1147
    1. First Do No Harm: EPA's New Rules Will Worsen Smog, CEI November 10, 1999, "EPA's own evidence relied upon to support its [NOx Reduction] rule shows that smog will increase in some urban centers, and decline mostly in rural areas. The real result will be increased pollution precisely where populations are concentrated." Also see

    2. Emissions Down, Smog Up. Say What? By Steven F. Hayward, Joel Schwartz, January 20, 2004, "[A] disproportionate number of exceedances of the ozone standard are occurring on weekends, when emissions of ozone-forming chemicals--especially NOx--are down anywhere from 10 to 40 percent…" Damn the Science, Full Speed Ahead, By Joel Schwartz, 8/20/03, "Recent modeling studies have concluded that NOx reductions … would increase ozone levels in many major cities, including New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, southern California, and the San Francisco Bay area… Admitting that NOx reductions have become detrimental to ozone control would be a major embarrassment for both EPA and CARB. Both agencies have promulgated stringent regulations that will eliminate most NOx emissions from automobiles and diesel trucks during the next 20 to 30 years, as the fleet turns over to vehicles built to the tougher standards… Therein lies another irony: When EPA in 1999 promulgated a rule requiring a 90 percent reduction in NOx emissions from automobiles, the agency's own analysis concluded that the rule would increase ozone in many areas of the country."4-12

    3. After the rule's promulgation, Congress voiced concern over the apparent EPA's err,13 "[T]he Agency may have failed to conduct sufficient analyses of the potential negative health impacts … including the effect of reducing NOx emissions in areas of the country that are VOC-limited, such that ozone levels respond more to reductions in VOC's than to NOx reductions."

  1. EPA justifies its National Rule based solely upon the test results of a "single" vehicle, which EPA modified prior to testing.

    1. See A REVIEW OF APPENDIX B OF THE U.S. EPA REGULATORY IMPACT ANALYSIS FOR TIER 2 VEHICLE EMISSION STANDARDS AND GASOLINE SULFUR CONTROL REQUIREMENTS, 6/5/2000, Southwest Research Institute14, "It was concluded that methodology used by EPA was faulty and that the data used did not support the conclusion that emissions from Tier 2 vehicles were irreversible… Emissions data from only four vehicles were used to define the Tier 2… The four vehicles were an SUV, a pickup and two minivans…. The SUV [vehicle] emissions were weighted to represent 2/3 of the final estimateThe SUV was a Ford Expedition modified by EPA to meet Tier 2 regulations prior to testing at the EPA lab in Ann Arbor, Michigan."
    2. .

    3. EPA's forced its results to meet a predetermined conclusion. See DECLARATION OF MELVIN N. INGALLS, "[T]here is the distinct impression that the purpose of the evaluation was to produce an average reversibility for Tier 2 vehicles in the Final Rule that was as close as possible to the average reversibility presented in the NPRM. In other words, the EPA's evaluation of the new data was not objective and was made in a way to present a predetermined conclusion."

    4. EPA hid its science and only presented it in the regulation "after the fact" -- after it was too late for the public to comment on it.

  2. EPA grossly understated the true cost of the regulation,
    1. Estimates of the true cost may be upwards to $.50/gal according to some sources
      1. Transcript of NPR segment, Interview: Philip Verleger [Former Carter Official] discusses the price of oil, "August 23, 2004, Mr. VERLEGER: Well, there are two phases. From March to July, [crude oil] prices were pulled up by gasoline. The US has instituted new regulations requiring that sulfur be removed from gasoline, and the refiners in the United States and the world just don't have enough capacity to make gasoline to meet demand, so gasoline prices rose by 50 cents and they pulled up crude oil."
    2. The regulation will cost industry (refineries/automotive) and consumers hundreds of billions dollars.15 Unfortunately, the cost to motoring consumers will grow indefinitely thereafter, because:
      1. Foreign refiners are less able to manufacture the expensive mandated low sulfur gasoline, severely limiting importation of competing foreign gasoline.
      2. The regulation has forced a consolidation of the US refining industry, which has not seen a new refinery built in over two decades.
        1. "Announced refinery closures represent approximately 335,000 bbl/d of total US refining capacity (2% of total U.S. capacity), which can be broken out as 170,000 bbl/d of gasoline production (2% of U.S. gasoline demand)," See SIMMONS & COMPANY INTERNATIONAL, Energy Industry Research, February 25, 2003, Impacts Of Tier II Implementation On The Supply And Deliverability Of Gasoline And Diesel Fuel
      3. Independent refiners, which could not make the huge investment under the regulation have called it quits. This means a consolidation of refinery capacity and puts more power over less gasoline in fewer hands. All the while gasoline demand increases at an estimated annual rate of 1-2%.

    3. Remaining refiners will produce less gasoline.
      1. "We expect implementation of Tier II will result in a 1.5% reduction in the amount of gasoline produced by existing refineries… In aggregate, we expect domestic gasoline production to be decreased by almost 1million barrels per week by 2006," See SIMMONS & COMPANY INTERNATIONAL, Energy Industry Research, February 25, 2003, Impacts Of Tier II Implementation On The Supply And Deliverability Of Gasoline And Diesel Fuel

    4. Thus, higher prices and fuel shortages can be expected.

    5. Detroit has been forced to make substantial investment in new emission control technology in order to comply with the Tier II regulations, which adds a significant extra cost to each new vehicle.

  3. EPA ignored other viable less costly solutions, which could have easily resolved the stated ozone problem, including for example:

    1. Eliminating high polluting vehicles from the road.
      1. It is known that a disproportionately small percent of the existing vehicle pool, normally older/poorly maintained vehicles, contribute to the vast majority of all mobile (vehicular) source air pollution.
      2. Remote sensing technologies exist that can easily identify these vehicles. Owners could then be directed to repair or retire their "high polluting" vehicles.
      3. Eliminating these vehicles would have been significantly more effective, more timely and much less costly16

    2. b. EPA also ignored (substantially less expensive) alternative fuel and other technologies that were readily able to meet the regulation's stated purpose.17

Court Documents: (PDF)

Initial Brief - (11.5 MB)
Reply Brief - (9.8 MB)
Paul Grant's Declaration - (885 KB)
Mel Ingalls' Declaration - (11.3 MB)

1 A challenge to the EPA's "Tier 2 Vehicle & Gasoline Sulfur Program,"

2 For definition of Ozone see

3 Unlike other pollutants, ozone is not directly released into the atmosphere, but is created through a complex series of reactions involving NOx and volatile organic compounds (VOC's) in the presence of sunlight. EPA simplistically characterizes NOx as an ozone precursor, and thus implies that all NOx reductions always yield ozone reductions. This is not accurate since because both NOx and VOC emissions have already been reduced under the 1990 Clean Air Act amendments. Thus, the further reduction of NOx provided as provided in the 1999 regulation only serves to worsen matters. In fact, the National Academy of Sciences has concluded that "NOx reductions can have either a beneficial or detrimental effect on ozone concentrations, depending on the locations and emissions rates of VOC and NOx sources in a region."

4 Heuss, J. M. et al. "Weekday/Weekend Ozone Differences: What Can We Learn from Them," Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 53, pp. 772-788 (2003).

5 Lawson, D. R. "The Weekend Effect--the Weekly Ambient Emissions Control Experiment," Environmental Manager, pp. 17-25 (July 2003).

6 Fujita, E. M. et al. "Evolution of the Magnitude and Spatial Extent of the Weekend Ozone Effect in California's South Coast Air Basin 1981-2000," Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 53, pp. 864-875 (2003).

7 Yarwood, G. et al. "Modeling Weekday/Weekend Ozone Differences in the Los Angeles Region for 1997," Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 53, pp. 864-875 (2003).

8 Marr, L. C. & Harley, R. A. "Spectral Analysis of Weekday-Weekend Differences in Ambient Ozone, Nitrogen Oxide, and Non-Methane Hydrocarbon Time Series in California," Atmospheric Environment, 36, pp. 2327-2335 (2002).

9 Marr, L. C. & Harley, R. A. "Modeling the Effect of Weekday-Weekend Differences in Motor Vehicle Emissions on Photochemical Air Pollution in Central California," Environmental Science & Technology, 36, pp. 4099-4106 (2002).

10 Pun, B. K. & Seigneur, C. "Day-of-Week Behavior of Atmospheric Ozone in Three U.S. Cities," Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 53, pp. 789-801 (2003).

11 Abt Associates, "Tier II Proposed Rule: Air Quality Estimation, Selected Health and Welfare Benefits Methods, and Benefit Analysis Results," EPA, Research Triangle Park, NC, 1999.

12 Photochemical Ozone Formation, Simplied, Donald Stedman PhD, 4-14-04


14 Southwest Research Institute located in San Antonio, Texas, is arguably the premier engine and emissions testing laboratory in the world,

15 The regulation is already in effect (commencing 2004), but will not be fully adopted until 2007.

16 See "Remote Sensing - A New Tool for Automobile Inspection and Maintenance," Don Stedman, PhD [pdf]

17 EPA has also conveniently ignored the beneficial effects of atmospheric sulfur, when it mandated a unilateral reduction of fuel sulfur content. High concentrations of sulfur emitted from smoke stacks (coal fired utilities) is implicated in acid rain and haze, but this is not the case with diffuse concentrations of sulfur emitted from automobiles. It is well known that atmospheric sulfur is the seed of every cloud formed in the sky and that atmospheric sulfur is also a potent natural radiative coolant capable of substantially offsetting the warming effects of greenhouse gases. For example, "In addition to the warming effect of greenhouse-gas increases, however, changes in temperature over the past century are likely to have been significantly influenced by the cooling effect associated with changes in the sulfate aerosol loading of the atmosphere, arising from fossil-fuel-derived sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions," p 1, The Science of Climate Change, Pew Foundation July 29, 1999. EPA ignored this science as well.

Nov 14, 2005

2005 U.S. biodiesel production expected to triple last year's figures 11/12/05 - Grand Island Independent: News

2005 U.S. biodiesel production expected to triple last year's figures 11/12/05 - Grand Island Independent: News: "2005 U.S. biodiesel production expected to triple last year's figures"

"The recent energy crunch causes us to think about energy in a way that we haven't in decades," said Joe Jobe, CEO of NBB. "Americans are recognizing that conservation and alternative energy are a big part of the answer to our energy questions. Many alternative energy sources are theoretical. But with biodiesel, we can supplement our energy supply immediately."

For more information about biodiesel, visit:

Nov 10, 2005

National Veterans Awareness Week

National Veterans Awareness Week
U.S. Senate Resolution 155 encourages all Americans to observe the week of November 6 through November 12, 2005, as National Veterans Awareness Week with appropriate educational activities.
Veterans Day is November 11th remembering those who died and fought for their country.

Regulatory Updates for Air, Water, & Discharge Standards

Wisconsin Air Toxics
First Time Compliance Report Due December 31, 2005
Don’t forget the New 2005 EPA and DNR Air Deadlines for 2005 reporting.
Applicability of December 31, 2005 reporting requirement in chapter NR 445.

Frequently asked questions about the reporting deadline in NR 445.

Need help with Wisconsin Air Toxics? Attend WMC’s Clean Air Act Update 2005.

HURRY! Date: 11/15/2005. For More Info. Contact:

EPA Revises Pretreatment Rule
New EPA discharge rule could save $10.1 million annually expended on pretreatment requirements. Details about the rule are at:

New EPA standard of 10 parts per billion slated to go into effect in 2006.
The National Rural Water Association says the change could cost households $100 to $500 a year each, while the EPA estimates the additional cost could run $25 to about $325 per year.

ESS has helped companies comply with wastewater rules for over a decade.

Nov 8, 2005

Ford uses “smoke N mirrors”, using Ethanol & Hybrid to the gain “green” buyers & P.R.

DNR report -- Ozone Air Quality Effects of a 10% Ethanol Blended Gasoline in Wisconsin -- found that the legislation mandating 10 percent ethanol in 66 Wisconsin counties would increase emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx), which together form ozone…
Read more here:

A new study by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) confirms that mandating ethanol in gasoline will worsen ozone problems and increase regulatory burden on businesses…
Read full report here:

Ford believes offering ethanol burning vehicles will earn some “green” buyers:
Fords new “Greener Fuel” is a mediocre attempt to win over the media and ignorant buyers... Without working with environmental groups, Fords Ethanol program could have global environmental ramifications. This is Fords next attempt after failing to put an acceptable hybrid to market…
Read full report here:

Read about how Fords blind effort to be green and win you over with “greener” fuel.

Will the EPA step in ... no, they don't even know how to report correct vehicle MPG ratings… as stated by the EPA, these are “estimates” not real numbers… Well the price at the pump sure is ;-)
Read full report here:

"Automakers shouldn't try to fool consumers by pretending their vehicles get good fuel economy," he said. "They should put gas-saving technology into their cars so that they actually get good fuel economy."
Read quote article here:

Please forward to anyone who cares to read this stuff.

Good morning Sarah, (hey Bill)

Good morning Sarah, (hey Bill)

I am siding with Bill on this one…

Your laptop has less impact than an “old” quartz watch, smoke detector or standard CRT monitor.

When I was NRC certified, I monitored and inspected “free radical” devices and employee radiation levels on a daily basis.

Overall, laptops & PC’s had a “no detect” levels. (Please keep in mind that offices surrounded by concrete, natural rock, or in basements had “above” detect levels simply due to naturally occurring radon & certain stone “free radicals” content.)

I am not sure what doctor would ever state a laptop is a “intense field of radiation”… (or else Apple may have a few more Eco-Issues)

Every physician I work with is well versed and require training on radiation sources and monitoring (hospitals are filled with them).

Some water systems (mine) also have “above” detect levels due to this same natural effect.

In my tens years of monitoring employees I have never told a person they were “silly” or being a hypochondriac for being concerned about exposure. I gave them answers, data and options to protect themselves.

It is never silly to be concern, however it is stupid to worry or act without verifying a problem exists.

Anyone can purchase detection kits to monitor their home and person for radiation, VOC and 100 of hazardous compounds.

So don’t worry… test your home.

Stay concerned, stay informed and KEEP monitoring your workplace safety.

Hey but what do I know... Chris

P.S. We have a 12” Ibook at work… it is a ergonomic & eye strain “train wreck” that was not designed to work on for more that 2-4 hrs per session. Get a fat (low RAD) 19” LCD and ergonomic wireless keyboard mouse combo – your body will than you later ;-)

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