Oct 24, 2005

I was scammed and spammed again… by spammers abusing blog comments.

I was scammed and spammed again… by spammers abusing blog comments.

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From: Increase Your MPG
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Subject: [Environmental, Health & Safety] 10/24/2005 07:01:28 AM

WOW...you have interesting blog... I have been reading blogs off and on and came upon Save Money on Gas I gave it a try and very happy I did... when you get a chance you may want to check it out as well.
Posted by Increase Your MPG to Environmental, Health & Safety at 10/24/2005 07:01:28 AM

My reply:
Sorry, I work with engineers and scientists on proven "viable" options for saving fuel.
This is a "snake oil" scam. Like magnets or the "tornado" they have a negligible impact on fuel efficiency that is typically driven buy the user knowing they have the “snake oil device” installed on there vehicle. It is a placebo effect….Because the new user thinks they have a “fuel saver device” installed they drive more efficiently. The average user can save increase fuel efficiency 20-30% simply by driving more efficiently (DAHHH).

After awhile, the person forgets they have the “snake oil device” and their fuel efficiency returns to normal.

•     Set cruise at 55-60 constant.
•     Don’t tailgate.
•     Coast 300 yards to each stop (huge savings)
•     Keep car tuned & tires filled (alignment helps)
•     When possible accelerate smooth and constant with RPMS never exceeding 1500-2000.

I do have FREE and recommended items that REALLY increase MPG 5-10 points that are proven and in use on “real world” cars and trucks.

I also submit my findings to outside expert scientists for testing too assure quality and NON-bia results.

If claims and test results are not verified by an outside expert source… one should only presume it is a “snake oil device”.

My personal thought is that this comment was posted by the same person making the claims on the “snake oil device”. At website http://kbgk.com/

PLEASE let me know if I am wrong or inaccurate in any statements I have made.
I would be more than happy to challenge the owners of this device to submit it to our panel of scientists at the “alternative fuel research board” for a real trial. If it TRULY does work, NO company would refuse a viability study.

Email me if you want the list of 20 things you can do to make any vehicle increase fuel efficiency 4-10 mpg (consistently). NO SMOKE, NO MIRRORS – Just legitimate ways to save a little here and there.

Thanks sooo much for replying to my posts.

Chris Haase

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